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Imagine being able to enjoy the personal comforts of a spa in your back yard. Relaxing with the warm soothing sensations brought to you from of one of our many spa choices. With The Backyard Experience here to walk you through everything you need to know about a spa, that personal oasis you've always wanted could be closer than you think!


We proudly partner with Caldera Spas to help make your backyard experience one to remember. Stop by our retail store in Opelika to receive more information, as well as view some of our spas in stock. Our employees are always happy to help answer any questions you may have about your future spa. 

Check out Caldera's brochure for even more information!

Caldera Freshwater Salt System Startup Guide 

Utopia Series

An exclusive combination of high-performance details make each Utopia spa a hydrotherapy powerhouse that’s easy to use with low operating costs. It’s the most ideal personal care experience, and a visually-stunning backyard focal point. 

Paradise Series

Transformation, wellness, and connection are always at your beck and call with our popular Paradise Series.

Vacansa Series

All the wellness benefits of a Caldera spa, available at an exceptional value. Refresh, renew, and emerge ready for what life has to offer.

Caldera - 2016 Utopia Cantabria Lifestyle
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